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Why Harris County is “The Place to Be” for Military Families

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Why Harris County is “The Place to Be” for Military Families

When PCSing as a military family, it can be difficult when moving to a new place. That is, of course, putting it lightly. There are decisions to be made and research on where the best spots to live may be. But ultimately, you’re making a decision on where to live while either across the country, or after having very little interaction with a town. This is true whether you’re an officer or NCO.


That’s why we’re here to tell you about the real estate perks of Harris County, Georgia near Fort Benning. Just north of Columbus, not far off of Interstate 185, Harris County is one of the best kept secrets of the area. Full of isolated living and community neighborhoods, military families can choose the style of living that best suits their needs.


Better still is that Harris County is highly sought-after for their impressive schools. With smaller classes and newer facilities, students of Harris County are rated with better education of surrounding schools or those across the entire state of Georgia.

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Harris County Real Estate Perks

  • Low Crime Rates – In comparison to nearby Columbus, Georgia, crime rates plummet when you head into Harris County.
  • Rural and community living options. Choose from country homes with acreage, to community living with nearby neighbors.
  • New build or older homes with character.
  • Amenities like grocery stores, convenience centers, and restaurants are all located throughout the county.
  •  Local attractions like Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, and FDR State Park.


Though it’s a little off the beaten path, Harris County is actually a hot spot for military families. Officers and senior enlisted families flock to Harris County to step away from base during their off hours, while enjoying the amenities of the great outdoors. Beautiful scenery also abounds with large numerous trees, wildflowers, and other aspects of nature.

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Military Families Call Harris County Home

If you are ready to rent or buy, but want to live off of post at Fort Benning, Harris County, GA is a great way to go. Consider taking a tour of the area in person, or researching online for your next new home. We’ll help you discover different addresses, including the perfect floor plan to suit your family’s needs. From young kids, to school districts, to enough storage space to store all of your Army gear.


We know that PCSing can be a chore, but it’s our goal at John Bunn Realty to help make your move a little easier by helping you find a great home.


Contact us at John Bunn Realty today to start searching for your next home. Whether you’re here in person or are ready to buy or rent sight-unseen, we can help. Our team of trained real estate professionals can help you find the home you’ve been looking for, and in a spot that’s ideal for your military family.

Ready to start looking for your next home at Fort Benning? Call us today.

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Harris County is a unique, rustic and picturesque place to live, whether you are starting a family or retiring from the bustling city life. Only minutes away from many adjacent cities, the back roads and scenery provide an almost majestic experience for all.

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