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Top 4 Best Ways To Identify Land – Bunn Buzz ๐Ÿ

Bunn Buzz๐Ÿ My weekly videos about Real Estate. I love showing land near the Harris County, GA area! Give John Bunn a call to help you shop land for sale near you! 706-662-0125. When going to look at land it’s very important to know where the property lines are. This week’s video is about my Top 4 Best Ways To Identify Land so you can find those property lines.

Top 4 Best Ways To Identify Land:
1.) Find Landmarks using your plat or tax map.
2.) Primarily use your tax map. Find out if there are any structures on the property. Use that to locate the corners, property lines, or even old fences.
3.) I like to use a GPS satellite feature like Landglide. This app will get you within 50 Feet of the corners or property lines. Use this feature to hone in on the corners. *Make sure to mark them when you find them with a bit of pink tape.
4.) The very best way is to get a surveyor! Have a professional engineer to come out and do an updated survey of the land and identify the corners and property lines.

It is very important to know where the lines and corners are when looking at land especially if you are wanting to build a house.

*Don’t forget to mark those property lines with tape so you can find them the next time you go out.
*If you have any issues make sure to contact a professional. Money well spent.

If you live in Harris County, Ga, or the surrounding area and need a survey done, I recommend these companies.

Stothard Engineering, Inc
Located in LaGrange, Georgia.

Haralson & Adams
Located in Cataula, Georgia

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