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John Bunn realty closing a deal in Harris County Georgia with effective buying styles

Shark or Mouse? What’s Your Buying Style?

Purchasing realty can be stressful, like really stressful. This is why John Bunn wants to get to know your buying style! Do you have a shark buying style? Or a mouse? Hiring a real estate agent that matches your buying personality is very important. 

In this blog, we are going to identify two types of buying styles we may see in real estate agents. We will explain to you the difference between a shark agent and a mouse agent.

Shark vs. Mouse Real Estate Agent

A shark real estate agent is going to go in for the kill. If you like a bad cop interrogation approach, this is going to be the real estate agent for you. Shark real estate agents are overly aggressive in their buying style. This buying style may, unfortunately, may result in tension between you and your real estate agent. Sharks get overly aggressive and may end up running your true buying intentions over in the process.

A mouse real estate agent takes a softer approach to real estate buying. Maybe a bit too meek for a real estate agent in Harris County, GA. These real estate agents generally get hired…but don’t do much to help you get the right home. Though they may suggest small negotiations, it may leave you wondering, “I wonder if we could’ve…”. If you have a real estate agent like this, then why have an agent at all? Are they just taking advantage of you?

Find Your Next Home, with the Right Perks in Harris County, GA

Here at John Bunn Realty, we try to give you a real estate agent that is right in the middle of these two overly exaggerated styles that we sometimes see in the real estate game. A real estate agent that is kind, yet assertive in their buying tactics. We promise to offer you an experience that doesn’t leave you feeling pushed over or taken advantage of. We also don’t want you to leave our office thinking, “what if…”. 

With over 27 years of real estate experience, John Bunn is going to be your trusted Harris County Georgia realtor. John and his team know the game of Harris County, GA real estate better than anyone in the area. John Bunn not only sells real estate in Harris County, GA but loves living there as well. John states, “The idea of a home holds a special place in my heart.”

Contact John Bunn Realty Today

If you are looking for a buying style that is a perfect balance between a shark and a mouse, John Bunn Realty is the place for you. We take pride in our jobs and don’t want to make the process of buying more stressful for you by being overly aggressive, or a bit too quiet for comfort. Now that you know what qualities you are looking for in an agent, we will pair you with a real estate agent that can meet all of your needs.

If you are looking for a real estate agent in the Harris County, GA area, contact John Bunn Realty today!

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