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Selling your home in harris county georgia is a good deal.

Selling in Harris County, GA? We Can Help!

Are you selling your home in Harris County, GA? John Bunn Realty can help! With almost 27 years in real estate, selling homes in Harris County, Georgia is what we are best at. Here at John Bunn Realty, we don’t think of selling homes as merely a business transaction. We enjoy helping people find or sell homes all while creating a personal relationship with our clients’! 


There are several reasons why hiring a real estate agent is the correct decision! If you are selling in the Harris County, GA area, John Bunn Realty can help. Simply contact us today to get in contact with a reliable agent! 

Our Agents Keep A Clear Head

Selling your home is a rather emotional process. Having emotions get in the way of selling your home can result in overpricing or underpricing your home, showing a sense of eagerness to customers, and acting out of emotion rather than a clear head. Let’s be honest. Selling your home is a big deal and a long process. Your home holds many memories and can be very hard to part with.


Without an agent, you will also have to deal with each denial of sale, causing your emotions to run higher, which could lead to you cheap selling your home. A real estate agent is used to dealing with rejection and will keep a clear head when moving forward. Overall, as a seller, it is hard to keep your emotions under control, this is why we recommend hiring our real estate services!

Selling Your Home

Not only does selling your home takes an emotional toll on you, but it will also take time, a lot of time. Here at John Bunn Realty, we work realty full time. Selling a home and closing deals isn’t something that happens overnight. If you already have a full schedule, have you thought about how you will fit selling a house into your schedule? John Bunn Realty would be more than happy to take over this role for you.

Real Estate Agents Stop Unqualified Buyers

A real estate agent is able to decipher between a dreamer and an actual buyer. This will help you save time by not getting your house perfectly cleaned and prepped just for a wishful thinker. Here at John Bunn Realty, we are trained to ask specific questions about the interested buyer that can give us information about who they are. 

Your Source for Local Real Estate: John Bunn Realty

Here in Harris County, GA, John Bunn Realty is locally owned and operated. We are located in Hamilton, Georgia the heart of Harris County, GA and part of metro Columbus, Georgia the home of Fort Benning one of the largest military installations in the United States. John Bunn Realty is grateful to call Harris County, GA home and has been blessed with many relationships and connections. We look forward to meeting you and building a lasting relationship. 


Contact John Bunn Realty today to sell your home in Harris County, Ga!


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