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Ready to Sell Your Harris County GA House?

It’s the autumn season. The leaves are changing, the weather is changing, and you might be ready for a change as well. Are you ready to sell your Harris County, GA house or property? If so, John Bunn Realty is here to help. We are Harris County’s premier real estate team and can not only help you prepare your house to sell in this market but guide you through acquiring your next home here or connecting you to other realtors across the country where you might be headed next. 

So, what are you waiting for? Here are FIVE tips to prepare to sell your Harris County GA House.

1. Hire an Agent Who Knows the Harris County Market

While no one is omniscient, we know the current market and we have been in the real estate business for many years. John Bunn realtors have the experience to guide you through selling your Harris County home. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the housing market has experienced unprecedented growth. While many areas across the country are experiencing a slowdown due to rising interest rates and other factors, we know this area better than anyone. There’s always an influx of new soldiers and their families arriving at Fort Benning, and Harris County is one of the premiere landing zones for those who dream of a fantastic area, in close proximity to Atlanta and surrounding attractions and zoned in a great school district. Harris County checks all of those boxes and more for your buyers. 

2. Establish a Realistic Timeline

The next thing you want to do after hiring a knowledgeable agent is to lay out your plans and set a timeline for selling your house. Are there factors such as starting a new job elsewhere in the country or in GA catalyzing your move? Are you in control or do you have to meet another third party’s deadline? Knowing when you can make moves and when you MUST make moves will influence other parts of this selling process. Get your calendar out and set some milestones and deadlines. We can also help you know what to expect and how long each step in the home-selling process usually takes and should take you. 

3. Get a Home Inspection

Your home will be inspected after you sell, but getting a pre-sale home inspection can save you a giant headache later. A home inspector will let you know what should be fixed before putting your home on the market, which may necessitate some flexibility in the timeline you just set. You often don’t need to perform all of the upgrades, but rather ones that must be done to sell the home in good condition and avoid issues with sellers down the road, like a hold-up with closing the sale. 

4. Declutter and Purge Your House

Yep, we know that you’ve made a ton of memories in your Harris County home, but not everything may need to come with you on your next adventure or to your new house. Keep the sentimental items or limit them, donate anything you haven’t worn in the last year, and sell pieces of furniture or appliances that won’t come with you. You can also decide which appliances will be sold with the house or which you’d be willing to sell with the house, as those might be part of negotiations with the buyer(s) later in the process. 

5. Remove All Personal Items

Pictures of your family and things that have made your Harris County house your home should be taken down. All of the experts say that your potential buyers need to envision themselves in your space. It might look boring to you, but having less stuff up will help you declutter, aid in getting the packing started, and leave more of a “blank canvas” if you will for buyers to imagine themselves in your home– and that’s what you want! 


If you have the budget or are willing to make the investment, staging your home can be beneficial as well. Typically, staged homes make this first impression of your home even better and translate to higher offers for your house. It’s relatively inexpensive to have your home staged as well and this Harris County realtor can offer some more suggestions as well to make an impact on buyers during open houses and showings. 

Call John Bunn Realty today to get your Harris County home sold!

We’ve set the stage here with some of the first steps to take, but having the right team on your side is the most important to prepare your home and get ready to sell. Everyone dreams of a stress-free sale. While some factors are out of your control, we know taking control by following the steps laid out above will provide a solid game plan for navigating this next change in your life! 


Contact our team today to get started. We’ll help get your Harris County home for sale ready for this market. 

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