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Looking for a New Home? Choose Your Harris Co Realtor!

If you’re considering buying a new home in Harris County, you’re probably envisioning a fresh interior, with modern appliances and your personal style in every room, or maybe even custom building your new home. Have you considered the neighborhoods, schools, local issues, or developers? When you’re looking for a new home in Harris County, Georgia, John Bunn Realty is your local, trusted Harris Co realtor who knows the area well including these details and so much more. 

Harris County’s Trusted Realtor

John Bunn Realty has a variety of new homes in Harris County and acreage for sale in Harris County, Georgia and we will find what you are looking for. Choose from breathtaking views, properties with water, lots in developments, or land secluded in more rural areas. New homes for sale in Harris County and acreage for sale in Harris County, GA includes all areas of the county from West Point to Ellerslie and Shiloh to Hamilton, from Cataula to Pine Mountain, and everywhere in between. 


There are many options when it comes to homes and acreage for sale in Harris County, Georgia and it makes sense to utilize a local realtor to meet all of your needs.


You want someone who knows the specific area you’re looking to buy in; a realty team who 

has knowledge of the neighborhood, understands the housing market here, knows the inventory, is familiar with the schools, local issues, traffic concerns, and much, much more. Harris County realtor, John Bunn, knows the businesses in the area as well as the schools. The team at John Bunn Realty also knows the best activities and the special places where the locals like to hang out. With 27 years of experience in real estate and lifelong experience in Harris County, they know the people in the community and have an intimate understanding of the unique nuances you cannot find out about online. 

Harris Co Realty Dream Team

If you’re looking for acreage for sale or a new home in Harris County, this is especially important. There are so many variables that factor into a real estate transaction, especially the local economy, reputable builders, and local market factors. You’ll want to know what to expect in those developing areas from a local Harris County realtor’s perspective. The experienced realtors of John Bunn Realty know the trends and can prepare you for what to expect. In considering a new home in Harris County whether prebuilt or looking for acreage for sale in Harris County, you’ll want to know who the trusted builders are in the community. 

The Harris County realty team at John Bunn Realty are well versed in who is who in the area. They can help connect you with developers to build the home of your dreams. Connecting with our team of Harris County realtors will also ensure the features of newly constructed homes will hold up better than those of existing homes, which may have experienced years of wear and tear. So often in older homes that need refurbishing, there are so many things that need to happen before you get to a point of decorating. With new homes and acreage for sale in Harris County, you won’t have to worry about that. Today’s new homes are engineered specifically to minimize maintenance requirements.

Contact Your Harris Co Realtor Today

Buying your new home is an exciting experience. When it comes to buying your new home or acreage for sale, choosing the right Harris County realtor can make a huge difference in your overall experience and make sure that you are truly happy with your decision. John Bunn Realty is Harris County, Georgia’s leading realtor. With friendly and professional staff who have lived in beautiful Harris County, Georgia for over 40 years, we are positive that we can find you the perfect home! Our realty team is devoted to helping you find your perfect dream home in beautiful Harris County, Georgia. 


Contact John Bunn Realty and let our local and experienced realtors help you find your property or land for sale in Harris County, Georgia.

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