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landscaping Do’s And Don’ts When Selling Your Home – BUNN BUZZ 🐝


Bunn Buzz🐝 My weekly videos about Real Estate. Tips for selling your home. This week we are going over Landscaping do’s and don’ts. Give John Bunn a call to help you sell your home! First impressions are very important. The first thing every customer sees when they pull up to your house is the yard.

Here are my top 5 Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to getting your yard ready to sell your home

1.)Don’t let your grass turn brown. Don’t cut your grass too short or forget to water your grass.
Do water your grass and sod areas where it is baren to keep that yard looking green.

2.)Don’t let your shrubs grow high over the house and porch.
Do trim them down, keep them maintained. Make sure they are all the same size and matching.

3.)Don’t leave old cars and projects in the yard or have clutter and extra furniture.
Do remove and get rid of junk in the yard. Stage your yard just like you would do inside your home. Make the yard look usable. Be a minimalist while your home is on the market

4.)Don’t have a lot of dead or extra overgrown vegetation.
Do remove dead plants, trees, and overgrown plants. Replace with living plants. Add a pop of color.

5.)Don’t have weeds in your flowerbeds. Don’t fill with mulch.
Do remove weeds and fill the flowerbeds with pine straw. Pine straw is prettier than mulch and doesn’t draw termites.

Landmines 🐩💩
Don’t let your animals use your yard as a bathroom
Do have your pets stay with family or friends to keep your yard looking and smelling good
No one likes stepping in Landmines

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