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Is There Land for Sale in Harris County?


John Bunn Realty has nearly 27 years of experience in real estate and lifelong experience in Harris County, Georgia. Located in Harris County, John Bunn Realty knows the area and what’s available from land to houses.  Harris County, Georgia has much to offer with access to outstanding schools, a below national average cost of living, and a reasonable commute to larger cities like Columbus or Atlanta. If there is land for sale in Harris County, Georgia, John Bunn Realty can help you find it.  

A Blank Canvas for your  Masterpiece

Finding and purchasing the perfect land provides a blank canvas for your masterpiece. Land for sale can be difficult to find regardless of the county location; but, with the right assistance, the land finding and securing journey will be a breeze. Is there land for sale in Harris County?  Harris County Georgia real estate is a unique, rustic, and picturesque place to live, whether you are starting a family or retiring from the bustling city life. Only minutes away from many adjacent cities, the back roads and scenery provide an almost majestic experience for all.

Yes, Harris County, Georgia has Land for Sale! 

Yes, Harris County has home sites and John Bunn Realty will find what you are looking for.  There are various acreages of land available ranging from 2 acres to over 300 acres of land.  The price range is from $40,000 to well over $400,000. Harris County, GA has home sites for sale that are wooded with trees or with tall grass in abundance. Choose from breathtaking views, land near boat ramps, properties with waterfalls, lots in developments, or land secluded in more rural areas.  There is land for sale with a natural water source such as creeks, rivers, or ponds.  There is land for sale that is already for home sites. Harris County Land for Sale includes all areas of the county from West Point to Ellerslie and Shiloh to Hamilton, from Cataula to Pine Mountain, and everywhere in between. There are many options when it comes to land for sale in Harris County, Georgia that it makes sense to utilize a realtor to meet all of your needs.  

Contact John Bunn Realty and Let the local and experienced realtor help you achieve your dream.  

Call John Bunn Realty today, (706) 662-0125. 

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