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Harris County Life – Living in Harris County, Georgia

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Living in Harris County, Georgia

Harris County, Georgia is one of the best-kept secrets around. Just north of Columbus and near Phenix City, AL and Fort Benning, GA, this rural county is perfect for quiet living. Yet not so far away that you can’t enjoy amenities like restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Better yet is that Harris County, GA is full of options – no matter what your real estate goals may be, you can find plenty of options for living just off the beaten path.


Harris County is full of rural options such as farms, ranches, or undeveloped acres for private living. There are homes with privacy gates, space for livestock, and more. Or, there are less-rural options, such as housing development areas and communities, or even homes in small towns. Take your choice if you want neighbors or prefer to live back where it’s quiet.

What Harris County Has to Offer

Living in Harris County, GA you have access to all of Columbus – a big city, stores and eateries abound. But you also don’t have to worry about the heavy traffic when living outside of big city limits. In addition, far more attractions are just over an hour north in the Atlanta area.


Whether you prefer the quiet country life or just want to live in an area that’s slightly less crowded, Harris County can provide just that.


There are a wide variety of homes – including those that can accommodate every budget. Choose the size of home and land that’s best for your family when looking to purchase in Harris County, GA.

Top-Rated School District

One of the biggest draws to living in Harris County, GA is the amazing schools. With multiple elementary schools and combined middle school and high school buildings in the county’s heart, Hamilton, GA, families can rest assured that their students are receiving a top-notch education.


Harris County schools are some of the top-rated educational facilities in the state of Georgia. In fact, it’s the very reason many families choose to live in Harris County in the first place.


Harris County is also known for their sheriff’s department, which is highly efficient, readily staffed, and trained. As well as amazing small-town shops, such as grocery stores with friendly service, seed shops, daycare centers, and more.


Come live in the slower part of the state without missing out on access to amazing facilities when you live in Harris County, GA.

Available Real Estate in Harris County, GA

There are several housing options available throughout Harris County. Start looking for the home of your dreams to make your next move a reality. Better yet, we’re here to help. Realtor John Bunn and team not only know the area, we know how to help you find the home you’ve been waiting for.


To learn more about available real estate options and how you can get started looking for your dream home in your dream location in Harris County, GA, contact us today at John Bunn Realty.

Searching for a place?

Harris County is a unique, rustic and picturesque place to live, whether you are starting a family or retiring from the bustling city life. Only minutes away from many adjacent cities, the back roads and scenery provide an almost majestic experience for all.

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