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7 Perks About Living in Harris County, Georgia

Thinking of a new home in Georgia? Consider Harris County as your new home! With a population of around 33,500, you will have the perfect mix of inner-city and southern hospitality. Harris County GA real estate is a unique, rustic, and picturesque place to live, whether you are starting a family or retiring from the bustling city life. Only minutes away from many adjacent cities, the back roads and scenery provide an almost majestic experience for all. Here are 7 perks of living in Harris County, Georgia.

Harris County, GA Public Schools

Let’s be real, education is a huge factor when considering a move. Harris County, GA is proud to say they exceptionally meet this standard! According to, Harris County, GA received a ‘grade A’ on its report card for public schools. When moving to Harris County, GA, a great education for your kids is a definite perk.

Cost Of Living: Georgia

When choosing a county to live in, looking at the cost of living is extremely important. When getting into a home that you feel comfortable in, you want to make sure you can afford it as well. Taking on a manageable ‘cost of living’ will enable you to live a stress-free life. Harris County GA’s cost of living is below the average cost of living in the United States! 

Growth Of Harris County, GA Community

When considering making a move it is important that you get into a community that is thriving and growing, not slowly depleting. Fortunately, Harris County, GA has the potential of a 40% job growth in the coming years. This puts Harris County, GA 6% above the nation’s average for future job growth. 

Low Crime Rates

According to, the average violent crime rate in a county is 22.7 (on a scale of 1-100). Harris County GA’s crime rate is far below this, coming in at 12.0. When you move to Harris County, GA , you are moving into a safe community.

Harris County, GA Weather

If you are moving to the South, you must like hot and humid weather. Harris County, GA weather will follow through with the standards of ‘living in the South’. To check out the average temperatures in the Harris County, GA area, click here.

Harris County, GA Beauty

Located near Pine Mountain, Georgia, Harris County, GA has beautiful outlooks of forested areas and lookout points where you can see for miles. Harris County GA’s views will never disappoint.

John Bunn Realty Services

Ready to move to Harris County, Georgia? A locally owned and operated realty service is just another great perk of living in Harris County, GA! Our core principles are integrity, honesty and to offer an accurate representation of the real estate market. We have always enjoyed the many facets of the real estate industry especially meeting and building relationships with our customers & clients. Here at John Bunn Realty, we are your trusted Harris County, GA realtor. Providing real estate services for over 27 years, John Bunn Realty is the true Harris County, GA connection.


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